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Profile - How We Earn Program Business

What distributor can’t use a consistent source of revenue? That’s what makes going after program business such an attractive approach to selling in today’s market.

Service And Product Choice Matter Most »

Promo Close-Up - The Great Date Experience

Sonya Beam has been attending the North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, GA, for 10 years, serving her congregation on many levels.

Distributor Reaps The Benefits Of Community service »

Market Watch - Get Educated

It’s not beneath Steve Flaughers to stalk his sales prospects in the education market. Yes, stalk.

Tips For Earning Business With Schools »

Profile - How We Expanded Our Space

To move or not to move? It’s a decision many business owners eventually face for a variety of reasons.

Being Adaptable Is A Must »

Promo Close-Up - Selfies & Social Media

Who says Valentine’s Day is just for couples?

Distributor Sends Some Love To Its Clients »

Management - Run a Business with your Spouse

Are you thinking of asking your spouse to help you run your business?

Keys To A Successful Work Partnership »

Profile - How We Market With Instagram

While Twitter got most of the 2013 social media headlines, rival Instagram – a popular photo-sharing service – may have actually had a better year with audiences, especially on mobile devices.

Daily Customer Interaction Is Key »

Promo Close-Up - Solar Flair

When a glassware company launched a new color-changing line of items, it wanted its promotions to be just as eye-catching.

A Decorator Shines During A Colorful Launch »

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