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  • Bold Fullback

    Bold Fullback

    Big, bold and expertly executed, this jacket back design is indicative of the quality stitchwork Milwaukee-based Visual Impressions produces.

  • Appliqué Execution

    Appliqué Execution

    Rockland Embroidery (asi/734150) nails the collegiate look with the deftly designed applique on this sweatshirt.

  • Blue Grass Embroidery

    Blue Grass Embroidery

    Located in the heart of Kentucky’s horse country, Stitch Designers (asi/741145) has performed high-end stitchwork like this embroidered cap for the Breeders’ Cup and the Kentucky Derby.

  • Speedy Stitches

    Speedy Stitches

    Ambro Manufacturing (asi/35201) used metallic thread to help bring this elaborately detailed design to life.

  • Retailesque Reverse Appliqué

    Retailesque Reverse Appliqué

    A&P Master Images (asi/702505) has distinguished itself from competitors by being able to expertly execute retail-inspired embellishments, such as this attention-grabbing reverse appliqué.

  • Made-In-The-USA


    All USA Clothing produces and embellishes union-made clothing, such as this Department of Commerce hat.

  • Multi-Media Mavens

    Multi-Media Mavens

    The embroidery and laser etching on this micro-fleece pullover is indicative of the deft multimedia designs Vantage Apparel (asi/93390) accomplishes with ease.

  • Head(wear) Of State

    Head(wear) Of State

    Over several years, River’s End Trading Co. (asi/82588) has produced this White House Situation Room woven patch on caps, windshirts and tournament jackets for a distributor customer on behalf of the White House.

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